Update on us…

Greetings everyone!

You may have wondered why things have been so quiet here of late. Truth is both Steph and I have had an intense couple of months and so our plans for July and August months have been delayed.

We’re going to take the rest of August at this stage and then continue on with the project for September with our next planet ‘Through Splintered Walls’ by Kaaron Warren.  We’d love it if you’d join in with us then 🙂

Thank you for all your support so far! Happy reading 🙂


Ju Girds Her Loins For Horror

journey-through-the-twelve-planetsAs part of our beginning to this project I thought I’d share some of my initial thoughts before I get into the reading part of this project. I’ve long admired Twelfth Planet Press and the books they publish. Other books, in particular their anthology Kaleidoscope and their Livia Day crime novels impressed me (and helped convince me that actually I am a crime reader if it’s the right kind of crime). On the list for The Twelve Planets that we’ll be reading, are several authors whose names I’m familiar with and whose work I’ve heard recommended several times. However, because I’ve only recently started reading any short fiction, I’m still largely unfamiliar with their work. Taking on this reading challenge is in part a way of achieving this.

The other goal I have in undertaking this body of reading is that I know several of the stories across the authors are more horror genre related and I am not so much a fan of this genre. However, it may well be that I’m unfamiliar with the nuances of what horror stories can look like, and maybe the kind of scary they are is not the kind of scary I can’t deal with. Nothing I’ve heard about these books suggests that it’s the kind of horror I couldn’t take on – like your movie gore-fest types, slasher films and so on. I just can’t even remotely go there. I’m 99% certain these books are significantly different from that in one way or another.  Dear authors, I promise I’ll do my best!

Currently I’m reassuring myself by reminding myself that the scariest story I’ve ever read was Wives by Paul Haines* and I managed that, loved it, was seriously disturbed by it, and still slept again (although I still get a shiver when I think of that story).  Surely if I can do that I can do anything within these covers, right? Right?! (Now is not the time to pierce any illusions I might have in this area).  My other reassurance is the fact that I love the dark fantasy genre, and if I can do that, and Wives, I must be able to do anything.

Why go to this effort when I’m apprehensive that the stories are necessarily for me? Because I want to support the publisher, I want to support these writers, and the Australian industry. Lastly, I want to know myself better as a reader.

*It’s worth mentioning that this incredible story will be reprinted in an upcoming anthology In Your Face by Fablecroft Publishing, along with several authors featured in The Twelve Planets series.