Another hiatus update!

Well, it turns out that the second half of this year really got away from both Steph and I. My university semester was so full on that I really didn’t have the fortitude to take on horror reading at all, so it took me until very recently to finish reading and then review ‘Through Splintered Walls’ by Kaaron Warren. In any case, we’re about to start posting our reviews again, hopefully monthly but we’ll be taking it gently.

Now would be a great time to start linking us to any reviews of ‘Through Splintered Walls’ you’d like us to include in our round up – doesn’t matter if you read it a month a go or two years ago. Also, even if you only reviewed one or a couple of the stories, we’re still interested. Link us! The more the merrier 🙂

Also if you have since reviewed any of the previous books we’ve already covered in the Twelve Planets series, please feel free to continue linking us to those reviews too!

Thanks for hanging in there with us during our long hiatus, hopefully you’ll enjoy our upcoming reviews. Stay tuned and in a week or so I’ll post the round up 🙂


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