Showtime: Review Roundup

Showtime - coverSo Steph and I are 5 months into this challenge and we’re both enjoying it immensely! This month’s Planet was Showtime by Narrelle M. Harris.

Undertaking this challenge has allowed us to both catch up on reading that we’ve been meaning to get to, and for me at least, the chance to read Australian female authors and genres new to me.

This challenge also segues nicely into the Australian Women Writers Challenge if you’re looking for reading options to round out your challenge list.

If you’ve reviewed Showtime, as a whole or in part, please let us know so we can link to your review!

Stories from Showtime include:

  • Introduction by Seanan McGuire
  • Stalemate
  • Thrall
  • The Truth About Brains
  • Showtime




Almost the end of May!

It’s almost the end of May, which means that the time to post reviews of Narrelle M. Harris’s Showtime is approaching.

Showtime - cover

There’s still time to read and review the collection (or any of the stories within) if you want to join in.

A reminder also that you’re always welcome to add reviews to any of the previous Planets as we go along – just comment on the review roundup post and we’ll add you to the list of links!

Bad Power: Review Roundup

Bad Power - cover


With April coming to an end, it’s time for a review roundup of this month’s PlanetBad Power by Deborah Biancotti.

If you’ve reviewed Bad Power, as a whole or in part, please let us know so we can link to your review!

Stories from Bad Power include:

  • Shades of Grey
  • Palming the Lady
  • Web of Lies
  • Bad Power
  • Cross the Bridge