Nightsiders: Review Roundup

Nightsiders - cover

It’s time to round up the first month of the Journey Through the Twelve Planets, collating our reviews of Sue Isle’s Nightsiders.

If you’ve reviewed Nightsiders  or any of the stories as part of the challenge, or wish to link a past review, please comment on this post with a link to your review, and we shall add it to the list.

Stories from Nightsiders include:
The Painted Girl
Nations of the Night
Paper Dragons
The Schoolteacher’s Story




Steph: The Whys and Hows of the Interplanetary Voyage

journey-through-the-twelve-planetsHere’s a story for you.

Once upon a time, there was a little white girl growing up in suburbia.  This girl wanted to be a ballerina, then a writer, than a doctor.  She grew up believing that she could be anything.  And she grew up blind to the fact that many people do not have that choice.

Life went on and changed.  She became a medical researcher, then lost that career almost as soon as it began due to the development of chronic illness.

And she had to forge a new path.  This path meandered along through the same places she had always known for a long time.  She started writing again, trying to forge a new career, inasmuch as she could.

One day she started listening to podcasts.  One of the podcasts she listened to was Galactic Suburbia.  Listening to this podcast changed everything about how she wrote and read, and about how she viewed the world (see this).  She grew to admire the work that the Galactic Suburbia team were doing, and especially that of Alisa Krasnostein with Twelfth Planet Press.

And when the Twelve Planets series was announced, it is no surprise to anyone that she bought all of the shiny, shiny paperbacks.

And then she thought: I’ve been given so much and learned so much, so what can I do to give something back?

At the same time, there was another she, another person thinking and pondering and contemplating a similar journey.

Two paths converged and became one.

And thus the Journey Through the Twelve Planets was born.

For me, it is about giving something back.  To Twelve Planet Press and to Alisa, as well as all of the fabulous authors of the collections (all of whom are authors I admire deeply) and everyone else who has been involved in the production of the Twelve Planets.  The collection of collections is an amazing undertaking and I hope that this project can help to shine a little light on it and all of the people involved in it.


Ju Girds Her Loins For Horror

journey-through-the-twelve-planetsAs part of our beginning to this project I thought I’d share some of my initial thoughts before I get into the reading part of this project. I’ve long admired Twelfth Planet Press and the books they publish. Other books, in particular their anthology Kaleidoscope and their Livia Day crime novels impressed me (and helped convince me that actually I am a crime reader if it’s the right kind of crime). On the list for The Twelve Planets that we’ll be reading, are several authors whose names I’m familiar with and whose work I’ve heard recommended several times. However, because I’ve only recently started reading any short fiction, I’m still largely unfamiliar with their work. Taking on this reading challenge is in part a way of achieving this.

The other goal I have in undertaking this body of reading is that I know several of the stories across the authors are more horror genre related and I am not so much a fan of this genre. However, it may well be that I’m unfamiliar with the nuances of what horror stories can look like, and maybe the kind of scary they are is not the kind of scary I can’t deal with. Nothing I’ve heard about these books suggests that it’s the kind of horror I couldn’t take on – like your movie gore-fest types, slasher films and so on. I just can’t even remotely go there. I’m 99% certain these books are significantly different from that in one way or another.  Dear authors, I promise I’ll do my best!

Currently I’m reassuring myself by reminding myself that the scariest story I’ve ever read was Wives by Paul Haines* and I managed that, loved it, was seriously disturbed by it, and still slept again (although I still get a shiver when I think of that story).  Surely if I can do that I can do anything within these covers, right? Right?! (Now is not the time to pierce any illusions I might have in this area).  My other reassurance is the fact that I love the dark fantasy genre, and if I can do that, and Wives, I must be able to do anything.

Why go to this effort when I’m apprehensive that the stories are necessarily for me? Because I want to support the publisher, I want to support these writers, and the Australian industry. Lastly, I want to know myself better as a reader.

*It’s worth mentioning that this incredible story will be reprinted in an upcoming anthology In Your Face by Fablecroft Publishing, along with several authors featured in The Twelve Planets series.

January Challenge: Nightsiders by Sue Isle

Join us this month as we begin our journey through the Twelve Planets with Nightsiders by Sue Isle.

We will be reading this collection during the month, and at the end of the month (January 31st 2016) a post will be added where you can link your review of the collection, as well as discuss the collection and its stories.

If you have already reviewed Nightsiders, feel free to add a link on the end of the month post as well.  You are also welcome to join in the challenge at any later time.

Nightsiders - cover

In a future world of extreme climate change, Perth, Western Australia’s capital city, has been abandoned. Most people were evacuated to the East by the late ’30s and organised infrastructure and services have gone.

A few thousand obstinate and independent souls cling to the city and to the southern towns. Living mostly by night to endure the fierce temperatures, they are creating a new culture in defiance of official expectations.

A teenage girl stolen from her family as a child; a troupe of street actors who affect their new culture with memories of the old; a boy born into the wrong body; and a teacher who is pushed into the role of guide tell the story of The Nightside.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Marianne de Pierres
  • The Painted Girl
  • Nation of the Night
  • Paper Dragons
  • The Schoolteacher’s Tale

Buy Nightsiders at Twelfth Planet Press in either ebook or paperbook format.  The ebook is also available at Amazon and Smashwords.